Thursday 14 April 2016


Here’s what the blurb says:
Standing between Bo and Slick and $642,000 from the bank job:
Prison. A hurricane. A horny cop. A naked priest. An angry cab driver. Two wanna-be criminals. A speeding train. A hot soldering iron. A peeping tom. A fed-up girl. A gun dealer. A homeless lady. An empty shotgun. A girlfriend with other plans. One pissed-off mom. Two pissed-off drug dealers. A bitchy landlord. And 48 crazy hours.
When this is all over, they’ll either be rich, in prison or dead.
Which is a really great summary of Run For The Money (US).

Slick and Bo are being taken away to prison when a hurricane intervenes in their favour. There’s an accident and the opportunity to escape presents itself like an act of divine intervention.

 There are no loyalties between the criminal pair. Slick leaves his friend for dead and sets off on the journey to collect the cash he’s got stashed back home.

Also waiting back home is his girlfriend Emma. Emma Lives in a bizarre lodging house where the owner and her son pay close attention to everything that’s going on. Emma can’t wait to get to the new life a whole heap of cash can offer her. What lies between her and the money is a handsome cop who is watching her every move so that he can snare Slick when he gets home. Emma and cop become tangled in a steamy affair that takes both pairs of eyes off the ball, but at least this may be the start of a beautiful friendship that might lead to a happy ending.

Bo manages to save himself. He’s also heading for the money and has high hopes for a new life.

As you might imagine, the journeys of the central characters aren’t straightforward. They get into tight spots wherever they turn. Each new episode is packed with drama and tension. As soon as one problem is solved, another stares them in the face. There are desperate acts and explosive scenes from start to finish. It’s action-packed, fun and addictive. The pace is break-neck and the humour dark. Beetner does a great job of filling his characters with life and uses his limitless imagination to turn the screws.

This one definitely gives the reader a run for their money. As for the people in the book, they get to sprint with a limp all the way to a finish line of razor wire where they’ll find a fiery and unexpected conclusion.

Excellent entertainment.   

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