Thursday 13 June 2024


"We have three weeks. I think we can find them and kill them in three weeks 

"Three weeks is plenty of time," she said. 

It's not the ideal start to Dave and Jill's honeymoon. At their lodge, they witness the murder of a man they've only just met. When the killers are done, they notice that Jill's an attractive woman Within minutes she can no longer claim to be saving herself for the wedding night. 

There must be many ways to respond to such a situation. Dave and Jill, without discussing the issue, arrive at the same conclusion- they must find their attackers and kill them in the time they have left for their vacation.

Problem they have is that they have no information on the murder victim other than his name. What follows is the journey of them moving ever-closer to finding the identities of the men they seek. They rent a motel room in New York, seek information in newspapers and from the connections they locate. Slowly, but surely, they piece together the situation. Along the way, they become wrapped up with gangsters and fiends, finding courage and determination from their need for revenge and unleashing the brutal strength rooted in their anger. 

Deadly Honeymoon is an absolute cracker. A simple concept that's totally engaging from the off and lean as a cyclist on the Tour de France. It has the thrill of a detective story and the lush pleasures of a page turner. 

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