Thursday 18 July 2019

Indie Crime Crawl 2019

Small Presses = Life Blood for titles and talent that don't get a look in on the mainstream shelves. It helps to encourage new writing that isn't constrained by the need to make a huge profit and, therefore, allows freedom to be whatever an author wants to be. 

Not that the small presses don't need to make money. It takes effort and commitment to keep an independent publisher going and a little reward for that effort, whether that be to compensate for some of the time invested, to offer encouragement that it's worth carrying on or to help to keep afloat and invest in future titles really matters. Buying a book or two is a great way to offer support, to say thanks and to ensure the material you enjoy reading continues to be available. 

It's even easier to do that when you purchase a title during the Indie Crime Crawl. I'm a little late to the party, but if you purchase a book before the 21st July directly from the publisher, you'll get a range of deals. Check out what's on offer by following #indiecrimecrawl over on Twitter.  

I believe the Down and Out Books family are offering 20% discount (by applying the code indiecc20) or 25% discount for purchases totalling $50 or more (using indiecc25). 

There's some pretty cool merchandise out there, too, if your shelves are already croaking. 

The list of those involved is on the picture at the top of the post and none of them will disappoint, I'm sure. 

Go check it out. You know you want to: 

Shotgun Honey
Down And Out Books
All Due Respect
Polis Books
Prospect Park Books
Fahrenheit Press
69 Crime
ECW Press 
Red Dog Press
Run Amok Books
Orenda Books
Crippen and Landru
The Dome Press

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