Tuesday, 8 December 2015


‘Nostalgia's not what it used to be.’
Paul D Brazill has a new release from Number Thirteen Press. The author and publisher have some things in common:  they have both become a feature of my reading; they’re both engaging and enjoyable; and they both exist in the darker shades of the literary palette.
In the opening chapter of Kill Me Quick (US), Mark Hammond is a bass player. By the end of it, his playing days are over on account of his hand being smashed by thugs.
He returns to his home in Seatown, a place in decline that comes to life at night with its seedy monster of a club scene that’s populated by grotesques. 
Mark indulges himself to excess and tries his best to drink the bars dry. As you might imagine, it’s not long before he’s tangled up in murder and mayhem. He discovers the body of the leader of a local biker gang and things spiral out of control.
The story winds tight as Hammond’s life unravels. There are encounters with mobsters, drug-dealers, bikers, lap-dancers, right-wing nutters and an annoying American tourist to enjoy. Brazill uses his trademark wordplay and humour to add extra layers to the experience and manages to draw out laughs from the most uncomfortable situations.  
There’s also a vast soundtrack to accompany the tale. If I were to select a song to sum up this novella, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll would be my pick and, if they’re elements you enjoy in your noir, this is the book for you. 
I'm going to get in early with my suggestion for the sequel. I see an alcoholic doctor repairing Hammond and maybe knocking off a few old-folk for their money. I propose the title Kill Me Quack. I hope that tickles Mr B's fancy.
Another thing writer and publisher have in common, by the way, is that they're both worthy of your support. Both have pulled more than their fair share of the load withing the crime-writing community. This one will be released on the 13th, but is available now for pre-order for the enticing cost of 99p ($1.50 in the US). Why not give them the Christmas treat they deserve and send this one on it's way up the charts? It's a win-win.
Terrific fun.  


  1. Nice review, Nigel. And if Mr. Brazill doesn't snatch up your idea for the sequel, I think you should write it yourself!

    1. I hope he does. Any ideas for the third book title?

    2. Kill me quake--in which our hero ventures to California? Kill me quark--where he gets involved with a bad lot of nuclear physicists? Kill me quirk, in which he struggles with his secret anorexia? It's probably a good thing there aren't all that many Q words...

    3. All good. Maybe there'd be a twelve-bar rock band playing the music...Kill Me Quo.

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  3. That's a pretty good idea for a follow up. I was thinking about a follow up where everything goes right. For Mark.