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An AWOL sailor finds himself pushed to the limits when his family become tangled in a web of misfortune. A fast-paced police procedural and a modern noir love story.

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Lieutenant Bradley Heap has gone AWOL and taken along his wife and son. They’re managing to cope until a chance encounter with a gang of drug dealers turns their world upside down. 

With no money and no contacts, the Heaps are forced underground. It’s a tough path they’ve chosen, but they can cope with anything as long as they stay together as a family unit. 

Detective John Locke of Police Scotland joins forces with the Navy police in the search for Heap and his wife on a trail that will take them from the middle of Scotland to the edge of the South Lakes. 

The Shallows explores the limits of human endurance and examines how far people will go to protect the ones they love. It is a twisting tale of tension, despair and intrigue that encapsulates the essence of hope. 

The Shallows is a brilliantly modern Bonnie and Clyde thriller, with great pace and real emotion.Ian Ayris (April Skies)

‘Nigel Bird’s The Shallows is a tightly written and well-paced crime thriller that is full of well-drawn, realistic characters. Tense and involving, The Shallows is great stuff!’ Paul D Brazill (The Last Laugh)

The Shallows is a non-stop ride with a barrel-load of memorable characters and quirky plot ins and outs - very highly recommended!McDroll (The Wrong Delivery)

‘The Shallows is similar in content to a lot of what you find on the Barnes and Noble mystery shelves. But it's about a third of the price, contains no filler, and is considerably more human.’  Chris Rhatigan (Squeeze)

‘You won’t be disappointed; this is an excellent tale, and I highly recommend it.Math Bird (The Whistling Sands)

“Engrossing and entertaining and not in any way a run of the mill production. Something quite unique.” - Scottish Books on Southsiders: That’s All Right 

"The prose is tightrope taut and the plotting first class … a tense and thrilling novella" – on Mr Suit 

"Grim, but really good" – Ian Rankin on Smoke 

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