Friday 29 November 2013

Six Of The Best - 2013 in books

I know it seems early to be thinking about my favourite reads of the year, but I reckon it's better to have them listed now than in January. If they're up in time, they give the heads up for Christmas presents. 

The 6 here are magnificent. The Magnificent Six in fact - could take on, do you think?  They're also new or newish. I'll post another batch of older books that I've really loved.


In no particular order (and starting with a home run) ...

Steve Weddle's Country Hardball.  My review's here.

Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds. My review's here.

Ian Ayris' One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean. My review's here.

Sean Chercover's The Trinity Game. My review's here.

Josh Stallings' All The Wild Children. My review's here.

Heath Lowrance's City Of Heretics. My review's here.

And you know, if there were to be a Magnificent 7, I'd be sneaking in Willy Vlautin's Lean On Pete in there, too (my review's here).

I could have just gone for 7 in the first place, but the poor pun in the title wouldn't allow.

These books are brilliant. Great for you and great gifts. Go get.