Sunday 2 December 2012




1)      Will you answer the last question first?

No, look at the last question.

2)      Is this question two?

It depends which numerical system you are using.

3)      Do numbers matter?

They do to mathematicians and salespeople.

4)      Are you in Nightfalls (US), the anthology of stories about the end of the world, edited by Katherine Tomlinson?

I am, and it’s a great anthology full of stories by some fine writers, among them Christopher Grant, AJ Hayes, Chris Rhatigan, Thomas Pluck, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Col Bury, and yourself Nigel, to name but a few.

5)      Tell us about your story.

It’s called 'Blackout', a Beckett type skit on two characters stuck in a building surrounded by corpses. They talk about the meaning of life and argue about who has ended up with the biggest sausage.

6)      Any other news?

Mr. Glamour, my second novel, is out in paperback with Black Jackal Books, and he is preparing to meet you. Consider him Hannibal Lecter in Gucci. This is a novel about designer goods and those obsessed by them. It is a novel in which identity is linked to brands. Here are a couple of review excerpts:

‘The writing of Richard Godwin is original, bold and gets writers talking. Mr. Glamour is a giallo extravaganza that would make Dario Argento blush and request movie rights right away. It's a novel that builds on its layers to reach an absolutely crazy climax that not only lives up to the story, but that rewards the readers with a huge jaw-dropper moment. Rare are the endings that live up to their stories, but this is quite the success. A great story about identity in an era where your ass belongs to a designer.’

Benoit LeLievre, Dead End Follies.

‘Mr Glamour is a striking effort from one of the most daring crime writers in the business. It is the noirest of noir, fatalistic, ultra-violent and hellishly addictive.’

Mike Stafford, Book Geeks Magazine.

Mr. Glamour is available here in the UK, here in the US.

7)      That it?

Apostle Rising, my debut novel, which has sold foreign rights in Europe, is now out for the first time as an E Book. In it a serial killer crucifies politicians. The E Book comes with some juicy extras, an excerpt from Mr. Glamour and four deliciously dark Noir stories, like the finest handmade chocolate. It is available:

Here in the US

Here in the UK

On Kobo

8)         Do you believe the end of the world is nigh and what is your answer to the first question?

No and yes.

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  1. Love this. A Bizarro review of a couple of terrific novels and a great anthology by a pair of masterful authors. I had to stop and go put on my invisible chicken suit to properly enjoy this -- so I did. Cool as organic ostrich eggs, guys.